December is finally here! For us Filipinos, December is the busiest month of the year. From catching up on year-end deadlines, attending endless Christmas parties, thinking about what to put in your Christmas wishlist, up to preparing your Christmas gifts, it can really be hectic and stressful. 

With all the chaos happening, we often forget to check on our cars. Let’s face it, our cars, especially this month, has never been more important. They are integral for us to get through the final month of the year. That’s why, we at Parts Market, are here to help you make sure that you and your cars will end the year strong! 

We’ve compiled the ultimate Christmas wishlist that will not only make your cars look good on the outside, it will also help you make your cars run smoothly and perfectly on the inside. 

1. Achilles Desert Hawk XMT (33×12.50 R15)

You will surely need this first item on our ultimate Christmas wishlist before you go on vacay mode this Christmas break. Whether a day-trip to the beaches of Nasugbu or a four-day r&r in your favorite homestay in Sagada, make sure that your tires are built for the travel. But as we all know, tires can be expensive! So luckily, if you’re looking for quality tires with a really budget-friendly price, Achilles Desert Hawk XMT is the only brand you will need! With its jagged exterior and tight grip, this tire will surely keep you safe while traveling the road.

Check here for a full review of the product.

Buy the Achilles Desert Hawk XMT Tires here.  Price starts at P5,600

2. AutoKarera Car Accessories Dashboard Cover

The next item on our list is one of the most underrated car accessories. This is often seen as unnecessary and just another waste of money. With the intense changes in the weather recently, our cars are becoming susceptible to damage. Good thing dashboard covers have been proven to be helpful in preventing these kinds of problems in the long run. Aside from aesthetics, dashboard covers are now also used in keeping cars away from problems such as cracking of the dashboard and fading of paints. 

Since you will be going from one mall to another to buy gifts and will be parking under the heat of the sun or inside parking buildings this Christmas season, you’ll need to keep your car looking cool while being protected.

Know more about the benefits of dashboard covers, check it out here.

You can buy your dashboard cover herePrice starts at P1,000

3. Fuel Off-Road Wheels Rebel Mags

One thing that we might want to consider this Christmas season is spending a little more on your cars. It’s really a different feeling when you know that, on the outside, your car looks rather dashing. You can’t pay a price on the boost of confidence and the feeling of accomplishment it would give. But of course, what is style without the durability and use right? Since we’ve already got our 4×4 mode on with the first item on this list, why not push it further with the stylish and durable Rebel Mags from Fuel Off-Road Wheels! Don’t miss out on getting one of the top brands in the industry this Christmas season.

See the full details of the product here.

Buy the Rebel Mags from Fuel Off-Road Wheels herePrice starts at P60,000/set

4. Rain Visors by Megavox

It’s getting really hard to tell the weather recently. We should always be ready and prepared for whatever situation. Rain Visors, like dashboards, are also one of the most underrated car accessories as well. Aside from it being one of the cheapest to get installed, most car owners often overlook its benefits. Although the name suggests it’s only useful on rainy days, rain visors also protect you from the sunlight when it gets too hot. What’s nice is that hey can upgrade your car’s aesthetics with its sleek designs.

Get to know the benefits of having rain visors installed in your car by clicking here.

Buy the perfect rain visor for your cars herePrice starts at P1,500.

5. Five Piece Universal Car Mats

Christmas season is always the busiest season for the year and having busy schedules mean there’s a lot of drive-throughs and eating inside the car. To protect your car flooring from spills and stains, you should get this Universal Car Mat set from Kwik Parts. Aside from spills and stains, this also keeps your car flooring free from dirt and mud. Easily washable and fits perfectly to any vehicle type, this is really a product that needs to be part of your Christmas wish list!

Get to know more about the benefits of car mats by clicking here.

The Kwik Parts 5pc Universal Car Mat is available on Parts Market. Buy it herePrice starts at P820.

6. Pristine Gone Scratch

We have the best answer to all the scratches that your car sustained the past year! With Pristine Gone Scratch, you can finally start 2020 with an extra smooth and extra shiny car. The product is infused with the finest paint scratch recovery elements which heal the cut as you stroke through the scratch.

Time to put Pristine Gone Scratch on your Christmas wish list!

Buy the Pristine Gone Scratch herePrice starts at P500.

7. Tongshi Radiator Assembly

We all know that Christmas season traffic can really cause our patience to boil. It is important that we keep not just our heads cool but also out engines as well so that we can avoid emergencies on the road. Thankfully, you can now order a radiator assembly and choose to have it installed already on Parts Market. The Tongshi Radiator Assembly is one of the top brands in the market today so you better not miss out on this for your year-end car upgrade.

Buy the Tongshi Radiator Assembly herePrice starts at P3,800.

8. Eurovision Euro Plate Holder

To complete our car’s year-end upgrade, it is also important to have a good looking and durable license plate holder. Eurovision has been a household name when it comes to these accessories. They offer a wide range of license plates and license plate holders, from customized plates up to collectibles which are also fit for different kinds of car models. Make sure to check them out for the different models and variations of license plates and holders. 

Buy the Eurovision Euro Plate Holders herePrice starts at P1,250.

9. Makita Blower

To keep our cars spic and span this season, we should always take the time to clean our cars but with this busy season, we just don’t have the time. Good thing because you can now buy the Makita Blower online to help you with all your car cleaning needs. One good thing with the Makita Blower is that it’s very handy and portable so there are no restrictions when it comes to cleaning every nook and cranny of your car.

Know more about the Makita Blower here.

Buy the Makita Blower herePrice starts at P3,500.

10. X-12 X-SUB4 Subwoofer

Whether it’s Jose Mari Chan’s classic “Christmas in our Hearts” or Mariah Carey’s infamous “All I Want for Christmas is You,” Christmas songs are the blood that pumps up our Christmas spirits. But it’s hard to enjoy good music when your speakers are muffled or sounds like some gramophone from the 60’s. Good thing that the last item on our ultimate Christmas wishlist can help you with that. With the X-12 X-SUB 4 Subwoofer, you can finally get in that Christmas mood even when it is traffic or you’re just driving around the city.

To know more about the product, click here.

Get the X-12 X-SUB4 Subwoofer at Parts Market. Buy them herePrice starts at P329

Now that we’ve given you the ultimate Christmas wishlist for your cars. You should know by now what to get for your cars. You can now get through this last few months of 2019 at ease and finish the year strong. Happy Holidays!

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